It begins with the arrival of life, sending ripples through the universe. Night falls and a father lies awake, deep in thought. His thoughts are consumed by the arrival of his newly born son, with whom he feels a profound connection.

He wonders what kind of world his child will grow up in. He contemplates how he can change the world and make it a better place for this young one. He asks… How do I express gratitude for receiving such a blessing? How do I effect a positive change?
What legacy will I leave for the next generation?...



please… is an organisation focused on uplifting individuals and communities across South Africa and the continent. Through a commercially sustainable and community driven initiative. We afford people the opportunity to gain independence through self-empowerment and provide individuals and organisations with an opportunity and a
platform to stimulate economic and social change.

We manufacture products for individuals to sell directly to consumers or to distribute them at a profit. Our products are of high quality, and provide the end user with value, by offering them an alternative at a fair price.

Our initial offering is an energy drink, a premium product that is unique in taste, appearance and message. Our goal is to create the possibility of financial independence for individuals and entities within communities.